Pheonix Fire Explosion Investigation Training and Consultancy

-Trinidad & Tobago

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Practical Training

Fully hand on training in real simulations. Here we create hazards and situations that are as close as it gets to real life. This experience is intangible.

Theorethical Training

Here we ensure that the theorectical knowledge base is gained in preparations for the practical aspects. This allows full awareness of field practices.

Corporate Packages

Group and Corporate training is available . This involves all aspects including practical and theorethical aspects. It can also be tailored for specific needs.

Fully Hands On Experience

Fire Fighting

Industrial Emergency Respondents will learn the necessary skills and knowledge required for control, containment, suppression and extinguishing of a flammable liquid fire.

Risk Assessment

This two day course will be delivered through both theory and practical simulations to enable vital risk assessment skills.

Excavation and Trenching

This involves soil classification, sloping and benching, shoring, aluminum hydraulic shoring, requirements for protective systems, manufactured tabulated data and site specific engineering

First Aid and CPR

Prepares individuals to deal with common injuries, such as cuts, burns, back injuries and head injuries. Also basic industrial incidents.

High Angle Rescue

Participants will gain the skills and knowledge to conduct rope based rescue operations in a variety of confined spaces and high angle environments. Rope based rescue systems will be utilized emphasizing the selection, construction, and proper use of these systems in the industrial environment.

Confined Space Rescue

The Operations Level Requires Students To Demonstrate Skills, Knowledge And Techniques For Hazard Recognition, Equipment Use And Procedure/S Necessary To Safely And Effectively Participate In A Rescue Incident In A Confined Space.


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